Endemic Architecture

Traditionally, a belvedere is an architectural feature or building constructed for the purposes of looking out over a pleasing scene. Provided such simple programmatic responsibility, emphasis can concentrate on the formal qualities and new expressions for this seemingly anachronistic typology. This model of the Belvedere (from the Belvedere & Berms project) is characterized by the visual oscillation between the geometric legibility of its parts - spheres, cones, and cylinders - and the unfamiliarity of the whole. Implicit in this form-making agenda is a return to primitive geometries as familiar, even prosaic forms that can assume new identities through aggregations in part to whole relationships. Similar to the Generic Original models, the Belvedere's formal qualities can be characterized by visual oscillations between the legibility of their parts within the ambivalence of the whole, specific orientations without frontality, and concave clefts and cleavages that are the result of intersecting rotund and convex volumes.

Photography by Grant Herron of Grant Herron Photography

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