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At Endemic Architecture we are committed to creating distinctive buildings that are in dialogue with their context and which have an ‘almost familiar’ quality. To this end, we are interested in how subtle manipulations to recognizable architectural elements - chimney’s, columns, vaults, arches, porches, windows, roofs - and legible geometries - squares, circles, spheres, cones, cylinders, cubes - can produce new or unforeseen expressions that are a little off-center, personal, and which explore the margins of tradition & convention.
The name, endemic, holds double meaning for us. First, it expresses our interest in learning from local conditions; the seasonal landscape, environment, history, culture, and the nuances of a particular site. Second, it reveals our interest in architecture-specific expertise; technique, form, spatial organization, materiality, and how architectural ideas are represented through drawings, models, images, and built & unbuilt buildings. 

Yet, there is a third interpretation to the office namesake; your story. We believe that buildings receive, contain, and tell stories and as such we understand architecture to be a representation of a much longer story.

Perhaps this can all be said another way; Endemic Architecture
1 . seeks to create architecture that we call “almost familiar”;

2. seeks to enrich experiences by eliciting curiosity and delight;

3. prefers architecture that has mixed meanings & interpretations rather than fixed messages or singular narratives;

4. celebrates local conditions while maintaining a commitment to broader social, cultural, & environmental dimensions of architecture;

5. maintains a commitment to expanding architecture’s received histories, theories, representations, voices, techniques, & stories.

Endemic Architecture has been the recipient of numerous awards including three Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Awards, and the Young Architects Architectural League Prize.  While not all of the work shown on our site is built, it is all rooted in research or design experimentation oriented towards commercial practice.


Acting as the centerpiece in the design process, we work across many scales and project types to offer full design services including initial feasibility studies, conceptual design & imagery, technical drawings for permits and construction, full-project written specifications & link set, permit coordination, consultant coordination, project management, and construction administration. In addition to architectural design, we often do, or assist, with interior design.


1. Schematic Design: After we’ve discussed your resources, budget, site, aspirations, etc. we generate multiple design ideas and discuss plausible options with you. 

2. Design Development: Once a schematic design is agreed on, we advance it by b eginning work on the technical drawings, identifying and incorporating material & equipment specifications, begin coordination with our network of consultants, evaluate code compliance in detail, and procure preliminary bids from potential builders.

3. Construction Documents: We prepare any remaining architectural details, coordinate the work of all consultants for permit submission, prepare the specification books and conduct design review(s) with the builder. During the permitting process we help guide your project through the various regulatory agencies for lawful construction.

4. Construction Administration: During construction we work as your agent, representing your interests in the project by observing construction and advising you on the progress, the alignment of the built work with the design intent, and reviewing payments to the contractor.

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(P) 303-548-7806
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2424 Blanding Ave. Suite 205
Alameda, CA. 94501

Clark Thenhaus
(E) Clark@endemicarchitecture.com

Clark Thenhaus is a licensed architect (CA. & CO.) with 20 years of professional experience and is also tenured professor of architecture at the California College of the Arts. Clark has previously taught UC Berkeley as the 2023 Josheph Esherick Visiting Professor of Practice, the University of Michigan as the 2013-2014 Oberdick Teaching Fellow, and at the University of Colorado, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Otis College of Art & Design. He is the recipient of the 2015 Architectural League Prize and often publishes & exhibits work on the topic of architecture. He earned his Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied as the Fideli Fellow, and a Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Nicolette Zader
Office Coordinator
(E) Nicolette@endemicarchitecture.com

Nicolette Zader assists with contracts, office coordination, & early-stage client communication ... she is also the first critic of all our work in the early design stages. 

Kyle Troyer

Kyle Troyer is a designer, adjunct instructor at RPI, and a Master or Architecture graduate from the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design, where he was the recipient of numerous graduate student awards including the Dales Travelling Scholarship.  Kyle also holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design Degree from Kent State University. 

Many talented people have contributed to Endemic Architeture, and I am personally grateful for the experiences working with Claire Leffler, Daniela Ibarra, Nate Wesseldyk, Maya Annotti, Rajah Bose, Sofia Anastasi, Brian McKinney, Mitchell Price, Trenton Jewett, Taylor Metcalf, Sarah Herlugson, Gina Bugiada, Nate Oppenheim, Tyler Smith, Alexandra Bernetich, Ryan Doidge, Samantha Okolita, Danielle Tellez, Paul Mitchell, Katie Donahue, and Adam Steinbach.

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