Endemic Architecture

While many residential types exhibit underlying organizational and compositional ideals, such as symmetry or hierarchy, the ranch house represents a non-ideal, non-uniform, informal composition within a basic 1-story massing. This makes the front facade of any ranch house its primary architectural expression in which window sizes and locations vary, elements such as chimney’s and garages often flank a recessed entry, either a front-gable or a side-gable (or both) provide formal continuity. 

For this San Jose front addition intersecting barrel vaults appear liked a carved volume, creating a recessed entry porch anchored by a central chimney stack that pierces the front and roofline into distinct volumes.  The wall of the front office cantilevers over the foundation creating relief (which is lit at night) between the ground, the foundation, and the wall. On the interior, a new entry hall is flanked by a recessed, wood paneled coat nook & fold-up bench along one side and a new office, bedroom, closet, and bathroom on the other side. The wide entry hall,  lit from above by two skylights, leads directly to a remodeled kitchen and open living room. 

The new roof is elongated to create additional surface area for solar panels, while in plan, the corners of the addition cascade, or step, disrupting the typical ‘bar’ of ‘L’ plan of a ranch house. 

Project Team
Architect: Endemic Architecture
Structural Engineer: Hewitt Consulting Group
General Contractor: Craig C. Wilson Builders 
Casework: GC Custom Furniture & Cabinets
Status: Under Construction

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