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The Vault & Stack House is renovation and expansion of an existing 1970’s ranch house in San Jose, California. Endemic Architecture has transformed this once drab, dark, expressionless house into a light filled, open, distinctive home. A vaulted front porch formed by two intersecting barrel vaults carved into the front wall creates a welcoming, embrace-like an entry. A chimney-like column anchors the porch while compositionally balancing the house into thirds. A subtle cantilever of the office volume on the west side creates relief from the ground, reducing the visual weight of the house while expressing the seperation of foundation (structure) from wall (element). 

The 680sf addition includes two bedrooms, a home office, storage, and a new bathroom all accessed from an entry hall designed to flood the house with natural light and foster an open volumetric feeling. The renovation includes the kitchen, primary bathroom, and living room, all unified by a palette of gray tile, glossy and matte white surfaces, and touches of navy blue.

The Vault & Stack House interior is complete. The exterior is nearing completion and photographs will be posted in June 2024.

Porch to entry hall diagram

Existing House and Construction Progress below 
Exterior photo above is not complete; new garage door, landscape,lighting, and finishing in progress.

Project Team
Architect: Endemic Architecture
Structural Engineer: Hewitt Consulting Group
General Contractor: C&E / Craig C. Wilson Builders
Casework: GC Custom Furniture & Cabinets
Status: Nearing Completion

Start-to-Finish: 21 months

Concept painting of vaulted porch with layers of thresholds_Acrylic painting + digital collage

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