Endemic Architecture

Licensed in Colorado and California, we have the technical and professional knowledge to work across varied scales and project demands, including  all phases of design & coordination, construction drawings, permit sets, procurement, and construction administration. While not all of the projects shown here are built and not all are client driven, they are all grounded in applied research that considers unbuilt buildings, drawings, and installations as sites for exploring possible futures in architectural practice.

Endemic Architecture prefers working in the margins of architectural conventions, thus affording us territory to develop new expressions for familiar building types, materials, or contexts - what we call ‘almost familiar’ architecture. Working from design conception through construction administration, we value the input of clients and broader communities in the pursuit of architecture that heightens our collective experiences in the built environment. 

We also do creative consulting and front-end design services. 

Endemic Architecture has a record of success working within budgets large and small to maximum effect. Because we are engaged from start to finish throughout all of the phases of each project -and understand that design and construction are fluid processes where change is inevitable- we are able to work with clients to provide compelling projects that meet your budget.

Endemic Architecture promotes a comprehensive approach to architecture with attention to sustainable options and careful considerations made for architecture and its various contexts. It is also possible, however, to think of sustainability in terms of social and cultural conditions. Doing so allows us to consider the role that architecture plays in sustaining, altering, re-orienting, or exposing social and cultural values through the built environment.


     Unresolved Legibility in Residential Types. Published by AR+D, an imprint of Oro Editions. 2019 

Commissioned Work
     Cheese & Clay; Otis Ave. Renovation. Alameda, CA. 2021 (in progress)
     Confetti Carpet. Alameda, CA. 2021 (in progress)
     Hay & Hedge House. Elbert County, CO. 2020
     Pacific Avenue Inteiror Renovation. Alameda, CA. 2020
     Confetti Courtyard at HEM, Los Angeles, CA. 2019
     Plumb Creek Valley Farmhouse. Sedalia, CO. 2017-2018
     Ranch House Pop-Top. Denver, CO. 2017-2018
     Warehouse No. 1. Aurora, CO. 2017
     Mill Valley Kitchen Remodel. Private Client, Mill Valley, CA. 2017 - 2018
     Confetti Urbanism. Public Landscape, San Francisco, CA. 2017

     Detached Garage & Office. Denver, CO. 2016
     TURF. Temporary public putt putt golf course, hole #9. Los Angeles, CA. 2015 
     Menlo Park Residential Project No. 3. Private client, Menlo Park, CA. 2016
     Menlo Park Residential Project No. 2. Private client, Menlo Park, CA. 2015-16
     Menlo Park Residential Project No. 1. Private client, Menlo Park, CA. 2015
     Get Sunflowered. Commissioned by Reactivate Latrobe Valley in Melbourne, Australia. 2014-15
     789 Interior Renovation. Private client, Littleton, CO. 2012
     Palindromes Wall Surfaces. Private client, Denver, CO. 2012
     Ponderosa Place Interior Renovation. Private client, Broomfield, CO. 2011

Competition Entries
    Cold War Memorial Bell Tower. Somer, WI. 2021
    Confluence Dome & Gardens at Confluence Park. 2020
    2000 Train Stations for Network Rail. 2020
    Coachella (Invited Competition). 2020
    Confetti Gardens at Materials & Applications, Los Angeles. (Invited Competition). 2019
    Everson Cafe at Syracuse University. (Invited Competition ). 2019  
    Creative Art Partners Virtual Architecture and Exhibition Design Competition (Invited Competition ). 2018 
    Rowhouse(s), Brooklyn, New York. 2018 
    Pape Bird Observatory. Proposal for Pape Bird Observatory in Nica, Latvia. 2017
    Landmarker for a Nuclear Isolation Site in New Mexico. 2017
    Ring Rooms. Proposal for the Ragdale Ring at the Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL. 2017
    San Francisco Music Hall. Design proposal for a music hall in Golden Gate Park. 2017
    MOMA PS-1 nomination. 2016 (non-shortlisted)
    Five Part Play. Proposal for the Ragdale Ring at the Ragdale Foundation, Lake Forest, IL. 2016
    Huddle Up. Proposal for Folly in Socrates Park by the Architectural League of New York. 2015
    Mountain House. Proposal for a prototypical cabin for Summit Community lodging. 2015
    Sinking Ships. Burnham Prize, a representative image of our cultural times in architecture. 2015
    Athenaeum. Proposal for a new athenaeum for the city of Philadelphia, PA. 2014
    HI Chair. Design proposal for Winter Stations, Toronto, Canada. 2014
    Winning Entry: d3 Unbuilt Visions, Star Gardens project wins Transformation Award. 2013
    Pruitt Igoe Now. Proposal for former Pruitt Igoe site, St. Louis, MO. 2012
    FlatLOT. Design proposal for a temporary pavilion for Flint, MI. 2012
    Satellites & Plush Middles. Proposal for a temporary pavilion at Denver Botanical Gardens. 2012
    Winning Entry: d3 House of the Future, Canteen Farm House. 2011
    Pushkinsky Theater. Proposal for a new facade for Pushkinsky Theater in Moscow. 2011
    Median Berms. Proposal for new gateway to Indianapolis Art Museum, Indianapolis, IN. 2011
    Lilium. Proposal for temporary installation of a Sukkah. 2010

    Wujin Hai Apartments with OUTR. China. 2011
    Changzhou Tower with OUTR. China. 2011

    Air Force Village Chapel with Kyle Miller. 2009

Exhibitions & Installations
    Architecture For Change (online). 2020
    Design Yard Sale (online). 2020
    In Memoriam. Yale School of Architecture. (2020)
    Some Walls From Unbuilt Houses. Kent State University CAED. 2020 (Solo)
    On the Edge of Architecture. Tulane School of Architecture. (2019) 
    Adjacencies. Yale SOA. 2018 (Group)
    Rejected. Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State. 2019 (Group)  
    Inscriptions: Architecture Before Speech. Harvard GSD. 2018 (Group)
    Darlings in the Living Room at Cornell University School of Architecture. 2017 (Solo)
    Recent Works at the Oliver Art Center. Oakland, CA. 2017 (Group)   
    Architecture, Architectural, & architecture. A+D Museum. Los Angeles, CA. 2017 (Group)
    One Night Stand For Art & Architecture. Los Angeles, CA. 2017 (Group)
    Expanded Fields. Lexington Art League. Lexington, KY. 2017 (Group)
    Rejected Works. TEAM-B Gallery. Cincinnati, OH. 2016 (Group)        
    Mind Your Mannerisms. Jai & Jai Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. 2016 (Solo)
    A Project Four Domes. College of Environmental Design, University of Calgary. 2015 (Solo)
    A Project Four Domes. Computation Media Design Graduate Program, Gallery FM at the University of Calgary. 2015 (Solo)
    A Project Four Domes. The Architectural League of New York. New York, NY. 2015 (Group)
    Three Part Projects. Ball State University. Muncie, IN. 2015
    Secret Objects & Under Cover Landscapes. Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning. 2014 (Group)
    On The Road LA. Norton House Redux. Los Angeles, CA. 2013 (Group)

Comissioned or Solicited Drawings
   Serial Discontunity & Familiar Fronts. 2020
   Tomb. 2019
   Tech Plans. 2018
   The Drawing Show. Yale SOA. 2018
   Another Queen Anne. 2018 As Built’s. 2017-2020
   Drawing Codes. Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University. 2018
   Drawing Codes. Hubble Street Galleries. San Francisco, CA. 2017
   Drawing Codes. WUHO Gallery. Hollywood, CA. 2017
   Architecture & The City: Secret City.
   As Built’s. San Francisco, CA. 2017
   In Sight on Site, Beyond Function. AIA San Francisco. San Francisco, CA. 2016
   The Drawing Show. A+D Museum. Los Angeles, CA. 2016 
   Drawings That Blush. 2009 - 2011
   Palindromes. 2010-2011
   Spindle Houses. 2005-2012

SELECTED AWARDS & FELLOWSHIPS    Editors Pick, Best Unbuilt House. Plumb Creek Valley Farmhouse, The Architects Newspaper Best of Design Awards, 2020
    Best Public Landscape: Confetti Urbanism. The Architects Newspaper Best of Design Awards, 2017  
    The Architectural League Prize For Young Architects & Designers. The Architectural League of New York, 2015
    MacDowell Art Colony, MacDowell Fellow 2014
    Willard A. Oberdick Fellow at University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, 2013
    D3 Unbuilt Visions International Competition. “Star Gardens; Purple Hollow” Special Mention + Infrastructural          Transformation Category Winner, 2013
    DesignLAB Innovative Housing Finalist. “Canteen Farm House” selected as finalist in juried competition, 2012
    D3 Housing of Tomorrow Single Family Category Winner. “Canteen Farm House”, 2011

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