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Yellow Coffee & Tea (in permitting) is a boutique start-up company focused on great coffee & tea as well as fostering joy, community, and supporting local artists in the town of Olivehurst, California. Yellow Coffee & Tea is designed with an art gallery for exhibitions of locally-based artists beside an outdoor venue area for events, gallery openings, and of course great coffee & tea.

Located on a currently undeveloped lot, this project entails the full gamut of site improvements along with a new building for the company featuring a coffee bar, Pinball, an outdoor event space, and a small art gallery dedicated to local Yuba County artists. This bespoke commercial building is  topped with a distinctive parapet that references the false-fronts common to commercial buildings in town.  In this case, however, the parapet is more volumetric as it exaggerates the typical false-front by rotating 3-dimensional boxes to create depth, shadow, and unique signage.

Counter & Table Top Sample 1 of 2

Inside, custom-made tables, counters, doors, and floors offer a warm and inviting, yet a slightly loud and energetic atmosphere.

Project Team:
Architect: Endemic Architecture
Structural & Civil Engineering: Hewitt Consulting Group
Electrical Engineering: Chase Electrical Engineering
Building Fabrication: RoxBox
On-Site Construction: TBD
Table & Counter Surfaces: Mirrl
Phase: In Permitting

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