Endemic Architecture

Organizational Diagram
Endemic Architecture collaborated with OUTR at RMIT on this 300 unit serviced apartment and villa complex in Wujin, China. Bound to the north and the south by bodies of water an organizational looping strategy was carved from the allowable footprint + height restriction, or total mass. Three autonomous, yet connected loops focused the orientation in the north/south to capitalize on views and access to the local lake and river. To the south, the loops ends were cut creating an array of 6 villas and to the north the loops informed the formal and programmatic organization with three blocks having access to view and natural light from both external and internal voids. The sloping southern face provides 39 apartments with southern light and lake views. Where the loops connect, large scale voids are terraced into the southern sloping face and serve as public balconies and plazas for internalized programs, such as cafes. The negative space between the loops has been excavated in order to allow natural light to the private gardens on the ground floor. The complex is Serviced Apartments, so each apartment is fully furnished and many rooms function as a temporary stay or hotel room.
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