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Nesteled into Alberta’s Rocky Mountains halfway between Calgary & Banff lies 660 acres of pristine foothills at Carraig Ridge. Aspen groves, evergreens, prairie grasses, and rock outcroppings foreground the mountains just beyond, creating panoramic views in this rural retreat landscape. Conceived as an escape from daily urban life, each of the 44 homes in this development are being built to capture and enhance the landscape where the true amenity is nature, and in which the majority of the development (550 acres) remains as such. For each lot sold, many more acres of beautiful landscape are permanently protected by conservation easement.  Featuring an innovative master planning strategy, 100 year building design, and exceptional architecture Carraig Ridge offers four primary lot types: Forest, Edge, Meadow, and Cliff. 

Endemic Architecture is working with the site developer, XYC Real Estate Development & Design, as part of the Phase 2 development to create house designs for three lots. These designs are conceptual - to give a sense of possibility - while also available as the literal house to be constructed, or to be  revised with new buyers at Carraig Ridge. In addition to the three house designs, Endemic Architecture is working with XYC to design and implement a picnic dome near the entry of the development. 

These are all long term design projects that we anticipate will evolve over many years - stay tuned!

Developer: XYC Real Estate Development & Design

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